How to get involved

Even under the current COVID-19 restrictions, there are several ways that you can get involved. Here’s some ideas:

  • Pray. We need the proposed online event to be covered with prayer. In particular, please pray for Bishop Jill and Warren who will be speaking. Pray for the steering group as they organise the programme and for the technical team who will need to deliver it. Pray too for those who you plan to invite.
  • Publicise the event. Our social media channels will start to publicise this event shortly. Once you see advertisements appearing, please share them as widely as possible on your own social media accounts or neighbourhood groups.
  • Consider prayerfully as to who you might invite to join the event through Zoom or via Facebook or YouTube. Evidence suggests that people are more willing to engage with an online event in the comfort of their own homes rather than to come out to an event where they are not sure what to expect! Let’s take advantage of that.






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