Christmas Unwrapped - a message from Bishop Mark

It is with great regret that the Believe in Bolton steering group have decided to cancel the Christmas Unwrapped carol service with Canon J John that was to take place on December 14th.

Christmas Unwrapped Cancelled

As with many other churches, trying to heed Government advice and keep people safe, Bolton Parish Church have undertaken a risk assessment that limits the number attending any particular event to 250 people. We fully support them in this duty of care.

However, Christmas Unwrapped was designed to be a large scale event where people and their friends could come for a celebration of Christ’s coming at Christmas, enjoy singing carols with gusto accompanied by a brass band, and where J John could give a simple and powerful message unwrapping the deeper meaning of Christmas including a call to respond to the message and invite Christ into their hearts and lives.

Holding an event that needs to be ticketed and is limited to 250 people, and the greater level of anxiety around large scale indoor events means that the nature of the event would be radically changed and its appeal to those who don’t yet attend our churches would be impaired.

In consultation with Canon J John and his team, we have therefore taken the tough decision to cancel this particular event. I apologise for the inconvenience and disappointment.

We are not of course “cancelling Christmas”! and pray with you that encouraged by all the planning for Christmas Unwrapped you will be able to share the good news of Jesus beyond those who regularly come to church.

We are hugely grateful to Bolton Parish church for their generosity in offering the church as a venue, and we are very grateful for all those who offered to be part of the response team and support the event in other ways. We are thankful to the church leaders who have promoted and advertised Christmas Unwrapped in their churches and we are only sorry that we could not bring this event to fruition. God is good and we are sure that all the prayer and preparation that has gone on will bear fruit in people discovering afresh the wonder of Christmas and finding that Jesus, who is called Emmanuel and Saviour, is indeed with them and brings them salvation and life in all its fulness.

May the Lord Jesus be with you through Advent and over the Christmas season With every blessing,


On behalf of the Believe in Bolton team.

St Peter's